Hart House Camera Club 99th Annual Exhibition

Online Submissions for the 99th Annual Exhibition.

Exhibition Rules

I. Divisions and Awards

This year due to COVID we are not running our Print category awards, so the exhibition will consist of only seven divisions. 

Entrants may submit a total of 9 submissions with a maximum of 3 in each division. While it is permitted to enter the same photo in multiple divisions, a photo cannot win an award in more than one division. The jury reserves the right to move the submission to a different division as it sees fit.

  1. Portraiture – K.B. Jackson Award (Former Jr. Black and White Prints)

This division is for portraits, posed or otherwise, including photos taken in a studio setting. 

  1. People – William J. Dowkes Award 

This division is for photographs with the subject matter ‘people’, including candid, documentary, and photojournalism-style photographs. 

  1. Places – William J. Dowkes Award

This division is for photographs with the subject matter ‘places’. 

  1. Nature – William J. Dowkes Award 

This division is for photographs with the subject matter ‘nature’. 

  1. Altered Images – W.J. Blackhall Award

This division is for photographs that have been significantly manipulated for creative artistic purposes. Your submission must include a paragraph or point-form summary of the manipulations performed on the photo. Manipulations can include, but are not limited to: composite images, cutting/pasting/cloning, exaggerated dodging, burning, exposure, contrast, brightness, saturation, and sharpness adjustments, filter effects, etc. 

  1. Campus Life Images – Yousuf Karsh Award 

Subject matter must consist of images that capture campus life and campus activities at the University of Toronto. 

  1. Photographic Essay – Bev Best Award

Each photo essay must consist of at least 3 and not more than 12 individual photographs. Every essay must have a title, and individual captions (25 words or fewer) OR an essay description (maximum 200 words). The jury is especially interested in photographic essays that demonstrate narrative as well as photographic excellence.

The Gilbert A. Milne Award is an additional award given to the entrant having the highest number of accepted prints (including runner-ups and honorable mentions). 

II. Procedure and Important Dates

The deadline for submissions is March 5, 2021 at 5:00 PM. 

Digital submissions ONLY.

Your digital photographs must be in JPG or PNG format. The maximum file size is 10 MB. You must submit your photographs via the provided online submission form 

The file name must be in the format “Division_FirstNameLastName_ImageTitle”.

A jury of experienced photographers will judge all submissions. The entrants of the selected prints (winners, runner-ups and honorable mentions) will be notified no later than March 19, 2021.  

The official opening reception will be on March 25, 2021 at 7pm on Zoom. You must register to attend the reception. At the reception winners will be announced and the jury may comment on why they made the selections they did. All selected images (winners, runner-ups and honorable mentions) will be displayed on the Hart House Camera Club website indefinitely.

A copy of all selected images is given to the University of Toronto archives, which has a collection of our winning images dating back decades.

III. General Rules

  1. Entrants must own copyright of all images submitted. By virtue of submitting an entry, the entrant certifies the work as his or her own. While the photographer retains the copyright for his or her own images, the Hart House Camera Club reserves the right to use the material for publication and/or display in media related to the Hart House Camera Club.  Photos with watermarks and logos will be disqualified. 
  2. Excluding the Altered Images category, only basic manipulations that preserve the integrity of the photograph are allowed. Manipulations include, but are not limited to: cropping, sharpening and basic exposure, contrast, and saturation adjustments including brightness/contrast correction, dodging, burning, spot corrections, curves/histogram adjustments, etc. If you are not sure whether your image manipulations fit this criteria, please email exhibition@harthousecameraclub.ca
  3. The committee reserves the right to re-classify entries. 
  4. Awards will be given at the discretion of the judges in each division. The decision of the judges and committee is final.
  5. Entry into the exhibition implies acceptance of all of the above rules and conditions. Any images not complying with the above rules will be disqualified.