97th Exhibition Winners

The 97th Annual Hart House Camera Club Exhibition Winners, Runner-Ups and Honourable Mentions.

People – William J. Dowkes Award

Winner: Caroline Meier, “Girl in the Mist”
Runner-up: He Zhao, “Backstroke Swimmer”
Honourable mention: Adam Reid, “That Ontario Mess”
Honourable mention: Hanrui Xiao, “Matching”
Honourable mention: Viel Tolentino, “Alice”

Places – William J. Dowkes Award

Winner: Hanrui Xiao, “A Cinque Terre afternoon ”
Runner-up: Yifei Yan, “Balcony”
Honourable mention: Georgieva Vanya, “Alone, Together”
Honourable mention: Josh Yang, “The Oculus”

Nature – William J. Dowkes Award

Winner: He Zhao, “Waterdrop”
Runner-up: Art Chow, “Morning Mist’
Honourable mentions: Solwan Aldeeb, “A Thousand Splendid Sunflowers”
Honourable mentions: Dina Dong, “Lowtide”

Altered Images – W.J. Blackhall Award

Winner: Nayan Saxena, “Untitled”

Campus Life Images – Yousuf Karsh Award

Winner: Reza Rafie Borujeny, “The Football Player”

Portraiture- K.B Jackson Award

Winner: Masoud Riyazati, “Terror”
Runner-up: Yongheng Zhang- “Peeping”
Honourable mentions: Cheryl Cheung- “Joshua”
Honourable mentions: Masoud Riyazati, Self Reflection
Honourable mentions: Albert Hoang, Needy

Photo Essay

Winner: Monica Gupta, Give me Shelter