Founded in 1919, the Hart House Camera Club (HHCC) is one of North America’s oldest student photography clubs.  

In 1922, HHCC held its First Annual Exhibition of Photography. Continuing to this day, the exhibition has become one of the longest-running photography contests in North America. The main motivation of the HHCC Annual Exhibition is to allow the members of the HHCC to show their creative work to a broader audience. To allow more diversity and a more comprehensive range of work, the annual exhibition has nine different categories, which have changed over the years. The categories include Film Prints (Mastery of Printing and Mastery of Execution), Portraiture, People, Places, Nature, Altered Images, Campus Life Images, and Photographic Essay categories. 

HHCC embraces accessible and equal opportunities for learning by having the membership open to all with no prior experience or portfolio needed. HHCC’s mission is to help people understand photography as a powerful communication tool and help our members improve and deepen their photography skills by providing various programs including Photo Walks, Critical Salons, talks, presentations, etc. We offer workshops and programs covering image composition, lighting, editing, printing, and darkroom processes.

Our Darkroom offers chemicals and tools for members to develop black-and-white film and create prints from negatives. Our Digital Suite is used for scanning negatives and photo editing. The Suite has a scanner which can accommodate most negative types and access to Adobe Lightroom for image editing.


The facilities are available any time the Hart House building is open.

Monday to Friday, 7 am-11 pm
Saturday and Sunday, 9 am-6 pm

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Club Executives

Darkroom Curators: Auden Cole, James Lin, Elnaz Hessami Pilehrood
Digital Suite Curators: Tanmay Patel
Exhibition Coordinator: Greg Cooke, Madeline Tomala
Critical Salon Coordinator: Greg Cooke, Madeline Tomala
Photowalk Coordinator: Enhao Zhang
Events and Social Media Coordinator: Danny Choi
Work Study Students: Auden Cole
Darkroom and Photo Instructors: Auden Cole, Micah Donovan, Tanmay Patel, Masoud Riyazati

Artists in Residence

Winter 2023 – Masoud Riyazati
Fall-Winter 2023-24 – Dainesha Nugent-Palache

Visitor Information

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