Hart House Camera Club Annual Exhibition

The Hart House Camera Club was founded in 1919. In 1922 the Club held its First Annual Exhibition of Photography. The tradition has continued over the years, providing Hart House members and University of Toronto students with the opportunity to display their work to a broad audience. Today, the Hart House Camera Club Annual Exhibition of Photography remains as one of the longest-running photography contests in North America.

The exhibition has nine divisions, allowing for a wide range of creative projects. The divisions have been changed over the years and currently include: Film Prints (Mastery of Printing and Mastery of Execution), Portraiture, People, Places, Nature, Altered Images, Campus Life Images, and Photographic Essay divisions. Cash prizes are awarded to the winners and those prints are donated to the University of Toronto Archives and Records Management office for posterity.

Call for submissions

The Hart House Camera Club is now accepting submissions for our 100th Annual Exhibition.

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