CATEGORY: Online Exhibitions

The Hart House Camera Club is hosting a series of monthly contests for photographers to share photos that speak to a series of carefully selected themes.

The rules are simple: post photos to your Instagram with the appropriate #hashtag. There is no limit to the number of photos you can post.

On the first of each month, beginning January 1, we will select a winner and several runners-up in each category. Selected photos will be posted on the Camera Club website and the winner awarded a small prize.  


  • The Stories on their Faces (#HartHouseCameraClubFaces)
    An interpretive take on portraitures to depict the stories that are etched on every individual’s face a narrative like none other.
  • This Dichotomous World (#HartHouseCameraClubDichotomous)
    Finding conceptual (environmental) contrasts or juxtaposing photographic styles, colours, or concepts
  • Monochromatic Marvel (#HartHouseCameraClubMonochromatic)
    Using black and white photography to capture nuanced images of urban landscape, architecture, objects and people
  • Nature/Landscape Beauty (#HartHouseCameraClubNature)
    Capturing the beauty of the environment in close-up nature photography or landscapes