The 98th Annual Hart House Camera Club Exhibition Winners, Runner-Ups and Honourable Mentions.

The Hart House Camera Club is very excited to bring together the works of so many talented photographers for display in 2020! Thank you for viewing!

People – William J. Dowkes Award

Winner: Tracey Suba, “Bailarina Cubana”
Winner: Art Chow, “Texting”
Honourable mentions: Yifei Yan, “Prayers”

Places – William J. Dowkes Award

Winner: Greg Cooke , “Beach Club Frontage”
Winner: Nathaniel Chen, “Air It Out”
Runner-up: Josh Yang, “Zhuhai Opera”
Honourable mentions: Art Chow, “Communications”
Honourable mention: Jesse McDougall, “Toronto Skyline”
Honourable mention: Nathaniel Chen, “Buses”

Nature – William J. Dowkes Award

Winner: Greg Cooke, “Grasses of Aran Island”
Runner-up: Nathaniel Chen, “Garrison”
Runner-up: Valentina Manferrari, “Day Before Death”
Honourable mention: Jesse McDougall, “Cape Cod Ivy”
Honourable mention: Jesse McDougall, “Sunday Afternoon”
Honourable mention: Josh Yang, “Starry Night”

Campus Life Images – Yousuf Karsh Award

Winner: Josh Yang, “Choir”
Winner: Yifei Yan, “Sunset on Campus”

Portraiture- K.B Jackson Award

Runner-up: Jesse McDougall, “A Cowboy In Vermont”
Honourable mention: Art Chow, “Untitled”

Photo Essay

Winner: Yifei Yan, “Collision and Fusion”

Gilbert A. Milne Award for Highest Number of Accepted Photos
Winner: Jesse McDougall