The 99th Annual Hart House Camera Club Exhibition Winners, Runner-Ups and Honourable Mentions.

The Hart House Camera Club is very excited to bring together the works of so many talented photographers for display in 2021! Thank you for viewing!

Nature – William J. Dowkes Award

Winner: Gregory Cooke, “Plants In Quarantine”
Runner-Up: Yifei Yan, “Pine Forest”
Runner-Up: Yakup Kohen, “Dance of the Rockies and Light”
Honourable Mentions: Samuel Keravica, “Pigeons in Flight”
Honourable Mentions: Madeleine Tomala, “The Hounds”
Honourable Mentions: Josh Yang, “Milky Way”
Honourable Mentions: Gyeong Hoon Baeg, “Reeds by the Han River”
Honourable Mentions: Gregory Cooke, “Mating Season”
Honourable mentions: Art Chow, “Hoar Frost”

People – William J. Dowkes Award

Winner: Madeleine Tomala, “RancherRon – Maddy Tonnis”
Winner: David Williams, “Early Childhood Education”
Winner: Costa Sarides, “Pensive Girl in Shantytown School, Mumbai”
Runner-Up: David Williams, “Father and Son”
Runner-Up: Cathy Zuo, “Soups and Old Guangzhou”
Honourable Mentions: Vivian Cromwell, “To Tell You a Secret”
Honourable Mentions: Tatiana Portelli-Graham, “Survival”
Honourable Mentions: Gregory Cooke, “Takeaway Takeover”
Honourable Mentions: Gregory Cooke, “Spadina Stroll”
Honourable Mentions: Costa Sarides, “Friends Resting in Shantytown School, Mumbai”
Honourable Mentions: Art Chow, “Morning Walk”

Places – William J. Dowkes Award

Winner: Niki Akbarian, “Room”
Winner: Costa Sarides, “Petra Jordan”
Runner-Up: Gyeong Hoon Baeg, “Progression of Modernism”
Runner-Up: David Williams, “Entrance”
Honourable Mentions: Madeleine Tomala, “The Church on the Hill”
Honourable Mentions: Rae Jewett, “Celestial Alignment”
Honourable Mentions: David Williams, “The Vigil”

Altered Images – W.J. Blackhall Award

Winner: Gregory Cooke, “A Rare Sight”
Runner-Up: Nithursan Elamuhilan, “Snow Day”
Honourable Mentions: David Williams, “The Invitation”
Honourable Mentions: David Williams, “Release from Lockdown”

Portraiture – K.B Jackson Award

Winner: Rae Jewett, “Local Style”
Runner-Up: Vivian Cromwell, “The Art of Computer Programming”
Runner-Up: Niki Akbarian, “Grandfather”
Runner-Up: Costa Sarides, “Young Entrepreneur India”

Photographic Essay – Bev Best Award


Located below Toronto’s financial district, PATH is a pedestrian transportation network used daily by over 200,000 commuters and office workers whose jobs take them to the massive office towers above.
A complex maze stretching 30 km, it is also the world’s largest underground shopping complex with approximately 1,200 shops and services employing about 5,000 people. PATH connects 50 buildings, 20 parking garages, six subway stations, two major department stores, eight major hotels, and a railway terminal.
Most of PATH is privately owned by over 35 companies. Security is provided by private security companies – video surveillance is pervasive.
In this documentary work I explore PATH as a microcosm of our society encapsulated within a somewhat surreal and artificial environment.
Social issues prevalent in wealthy urban settings are emphasized in the enclosing space of PATH and include wealth and health disparities, consumerism, the frenetic pace of urban working lives, the pains of loneliness within a sea of humanity, and the sense of unease provoked by constant surveillance.
The surreal nature of PATH is emphasized by its changing face over a 24 hour cycle, ranging from extreme activity to virtual abandonment – a metaphor for our consumer culture.

Documentary Photo Essay by David Williams

Winner: David Williams, “Path”

My First Alpine Climb
Alpine climbing is a type of sport that requires careful equipment preparation and route finding. For safety consideration, the summit climb usually start hours before sunrise to reduce or avoid risks in afternoon from elevated temperature.  The path to the summit can be challenging as well, but the view along the way and at the mountaintop is rewarding to the climber for the effort they paid.

Photographic Essay by Yifei Yan

Runner-Up: Yifei Yan, “My First Alpine Climb”

Gilbert A. Milne Award

Winner: David Williams