Camera Club Annual Exhibition of Photography

Join us for an opening reception for the Hart House Camera Club’s 101st Annual Exhibition of Photography on March 22 from 7-9PM in the Debates Room (2034).

Awards will be presented for the best photographs by University of Toronto students and Hart House members in a variety of categories, including:

  • Film Prints I – A.F. Coventry Award, Mastery of Printing
  • Film Prints II – A.F. Coventry Award, Mastery of Execution
  • The K.B. Jackson Award for Portraiture
  • The William J. Dowkes Awards for People, Places and Nature
  • The W.J. Blackhall Award for Altered Images
  • The Yousuf Karsh Award for Campus Life
  • The Bev Best Award for Photographic Essay
  • The Gerald A. Milne Award for most accepted entries

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