The 97th Annual Hart House Camera Club Exhibition Winners, Runner-Ups and Honourable Mentions.

The Hart House Camera Club is very excited to bring together the works of so many talented photographers for display in 2019! Thank you for viewing!

People – William J. Dowkes Award

Winner: Caroline Meier, “Girl in the Mist”
Runner-up: He Zhao, “Backstroke Swimmer”
Honourable mention: Adam Reid, “That Ontario Mess”
Honourable mention: Hanrui Xiao, “Matching”
Honourable mention: Viel Tolentino, “Alice”

Places – William J. Dowkes Award

Winner: Hanrui Xiao, “A Cinque Terre afternoon ”
Runner-up: Yifei Yan, “Balcony”
Honourable mention: Georgieva Vanya, “Alone, Together”
Honourable mention: Josh Yang, “The Oculus”

Nature – William J. Dowkes Award

Winner: He Zhao, “Waterdrop”
Runner-up: Art Chow, “Morning Mist’
Honourable mentions: Solwan Aldeeb, “A Thousand Splendid Sunflowers”
Honourable mentions: Dina Dong, “Lowtide”

Altered Images – W.J. Blackhall Award

Winner: Nayan Saxena, “Untitled”

Campus Life Images – Yousuf Karsh Award

Winner: Reza Rafie Borujeny, “The Football Player”

Portraiture- K.B Jackson Award

Winner: Masoud Riyazati, “Terror”
Runner-up: Yongheng Zhang- “Peeping”
Honourable mentions: Cheryl Cheung- “Joshua”
Honourable mentions: Masoud Riyazati, Self Reflection
Honourable mentions: Albert Hoang, Needy

Photo Essay

Winner: Monica Gupta, Give me Shelter