Analogue Photography – Introduction

Three-part course exploring technical and creative aspects of analogue photography from film to print: Sign up for the entire series or just single sessions: camera operation, film development, making a print on photo paper. The whole series is an intro aimed at first time film camera users and a refresher for photographers wanting to hone their analogue skills. 

Classes are free for students; a small charge for everyone else.

Session 1 – Shooting with a Film Camera 

Thursday Nov 4, 7-9m

This session offers photographers the insights required to creatively and accurately capture images in camera, and understand how a film camera works. There will be a demonstration of loading film into a 35mm camera and operating the settings. If you have a camera it is recommended you have it available during class. It is also recommended you have a roll of film to load if possible.

Session 2 – Developing B&W Film

Thursday Nov 11, 7-9m

Handle and process films, understanding the relationships light play in film photography. There will be a demonstration of how to load exposed film into a developing tank. To assist you with this everyone registered in the class is eligible to pick up a kit  from the Hart House Hub prior to the class. The kit will consist of a “dummy load” of film, a developing tank and some reels. You will not actually develop any film but you want to practice loading the film onto the reels several times. When it comes time to actually perform this task in the real world it has to take place in complete darkness so prior practice is essential. The supplies you sign out from the Hub must be returned a week later. 

Session 3 – Darkroom Printing

Thursday, Dec 2, 7-9pm

Darkroom printing, completing the process looking at different techniques and styles in making prints using an enlarger and negatives. This is a virtual introduction to darkroom techniques only. A typical newcomer to darkrooms will be unlikely to print independently after taking this class, but it will be a worthwhile initial orientation to the practice.