Street Photography with Dave Bottoms and David Williams

Date: Wednesday, November 10, 7-9pm
Cost: Free

Street photography is usually random, candid and somewhat spontaneous. It’s often ambiguous. It suggests rather than insists.

Its focus is often more on the capturing of eye-pleasing, harmonious compositions than the need to tell a story. It can include people but does not have to. It can be honest and it can be deceitful, and sometimes both at once. It defies any attempt to define or label it, since its interpretation is ever evolving. Simply, it is free verse poetry in a visual format.

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In this presentation, Dave Bottoms will delve into the art of capturing the “decisive moment,” as master street shooter Henri Cartier-Bresson called it. He’ll also discuss the legalities and ethics of photographing people in public spaces, along with the challenges one needs to overcome to become a good street photographer. As well, Dave will go over such things as camera settings, focal lengths, optimal clothing, editing, social media attention and much more.

After Dave Bottoms’ presentation, David Williams will show how the use of a few simple textured overlays in Photoshop can dramatically alter an image. For beginners, David will introduce the concepts of layers and masking, so prior knowledge of Photoshop, although helpful, is not required.